Paint Colours

Paint Color and Mood

Happiness, anger, sadness, aggression; just a few of the feelings that different colors can give you. This is why you have to be careful when choosing the right color for your house. You can go for something that can bring about happiness, warmth and other positive vibes, and sheer away from the ones that can give you the negative ones.

Here are some examples of different atmospheres eac…

Different Paint Color Scheme

Deciding on the perfect color scheme for a house greatly depends on the owner’s taste and choice. Color schemes can be tricky and would require a lot of your time when not done in a proper way.

Here are the basic instructions when choosing the color schemes for your home.

Separate each room and decide on the atmospheres that you would want for each one.

Divide each room and treat eac…

Custom Paint Colors

Here is a summary of some of the ways you can mix and match colors, even old paint colors that are virtually hard to replicate. Who knows, maybe those paints that you have been storing in your home could actually be used, saving you from possible extra expenditures.

How do I mix and match colors?

With the help of something like a color wheel or a color mixing chart, you can match custom…

Painting Appetite in a Dining Room

The color of a dining room is said to affect the appetite of people, with shades of red, orange and yellow said to increase the appetite of people. This may be one of the reasons why majority of fast food chains use vibrant shades of these colors. They are even believed to help in metabolism!

If these colors seem to be too striking and too stimulating for you, you can also choose their subtler…

Bringing that Clean, Comfortable Impression to your Bathroom

Choosing colors based on your own preferences is always a good idea for painting your rooms. Although there are instances that some color schemes would give off a better feel than the others. The bathroom, for instance, could have that clean, comfortable impression that calms the soul.

Colors that remind you of water, such as blues, greens and aquas, help produce that soothing, spa-like feel.

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