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Custom Paint Colors

Here is a summary of some of the ways you can mix and match colors, even old paint colors that are virtually hard to replicate. Who knows, maybe those paints that you have been storing in your home could actually be used, saving you from possible extra expenditures.

How do I mix and match colors?

With the help of something like a color wheel or a color mixing chart, you can match custom paint colors. In addition to this, some black, white or paint could also come in handy to help lighten or darken the colors that you already have.

When mixing colors to create your very own custom color, you should make sure of how much sheen is present in the paints that you are using. It would be virtually impossible to recreate a color that matched your preferences once you have it. It is a good practice to mix and blend the colors well and start out mixing small amounts of paint. Once you think you have created the color of your preference, carefully mix larger amounts and have a rough estimate of how much you would need since these colors are almost impossible to recreate.

Lighten paint by adding white paint; it usually takes a lot of white paint before you can notice anything happening. Alternatively, you can also add the paint you want to lighten into the white paint, which is actually easier and cheaper since white paint is relatively cheap.

Darkening paint is done by adding only a small amount of black, or gray if you are working with light colors.

Intensity of a color can be increased by adding more of the base color of the mixture. On the other hand, if you want to tone down a color, add the complement (that opposite of the base color in a color wheel) so that the color wouldn’t be that vivid.

Matching old paint colors

If you really want to recreate the color of old paint, you can chip off a small amount of the sample (about 1” x 2”) to bring it to a paint store so that it can be matched. The type of paint used should also be known.

With the help of rubbing a rag doused with denatured alcohol to your wall, you can determine what kind of paint was used. Water-based paints would come of and have that “gooey” feel, whereas oil-based paints will not.

When repainting a surface covered by oil-based paint with water-based paint, it is essential to use oil-based primers to ensure that the paint will stick.

Custom paint colors are not that hard to create with sufficient knowledge, even old ones. It can actually be fun and recreational!

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