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June 2013

Choose The Right Colour Scheme Using The Nippon Paint Colour Chart

In designing, colour is a very important aspect. Different colours induce different effects on people. For example, the colour red has been shown to raise one’s blood pressure and encourages appetite. Blue induces a calming effect because it probably reminds people of the calm blue ocean. Yellow, on the other hand, increases energy and metabolism. There are a lot of ways colours and even…

A Fresh Room Colour Scheme With 50 Shades of White

Choosing a colour scheme for your room can be a daunting task. Not everyone is fond of strong and bright colours. Some people also dislike colours that are too timid and quiet. Everyone also gets sick of their wall colours every once in a while. So why not try to take a gamble? Try a new and fresh colour scheme using the different shades of white. Paint the walls and ceilings white.

You must…

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