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Different Paint Color Scheme

Deciding on the perfect color scheme for a house greatly depends on the owner’s taste and choice. Color schemes can be tricky and would require a lot of your time when not done in a proper way.

Here are the basic instructions when choosing the color schemes for your home.

Separate each room and decide on the atmospheres that you would want for each one.

Divide each room and treat each one as if different from the other. One basic tool to use when deciding on the color scheme is the Color Wheel. Take your time in deciding what atmosphere you want for each room. You can go for the primary colors, namely red, yellow and blue, being the initial colors where in the other ones came from.

Mixing the primary colors can create the secondary ones; red and yellow produce orange, blue and red produce purple, and yellow and blue produce green.

If you want colors of more unique nature, you can go for the tertiary colors, which is the combination of a secondary color and a primary color near it. You can get maroon when mixing the primary color red with the secondary color purple, or blue-green when mixing the secondary color green with the primary color blue.

Choose the best color scheme as per each room’s purpose.


With the help of the color wheel, you can now choose the color schemes for each room depending on their purpose. You can choose the principal and most popular monochromatic paint color scheme. This is the most basic and most of the time guarantees good results. This can be achieved by taking one color from the color wheel and playing with its different shades. For bathrooms for example, you can opt for various shades of blue for a cool effect. For living rooms on the other hand, you can go for shades of yellow or orange for a sophisticated effect. This technique can also alter how the room looks like depending on the darkness or lightness of the shades used.


For a more modern and interesting effect, the adjacent paint color scheme can be a good choice for you. This can be done by combining two or three adjacent, usually beside each other, colors. This is commonly done in bedrooms by choosing one main color, and the other colors as highlights or borders.


Another bold way of choosing a color scheme is the complimentary paint color scheme. This is done by mixing two opposite colors in the color wheel.  Although this can make your room look unique and personalized, be careful not to make it look messy and have each color fighting for their territory. This should be done with proper shading and not have each color on the same intensity.


The last technique is called the triadic paint color scheme. This is the same with the complimentary color scheme but with the use of three colors that are of the same distance to each other in the color wheel. This can also be tricky and can produce either an interesting color scheme or a disaster. There should again be one main color and have the other two colors as accents, one can be used on furniture or little things inside the room.

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