Landed Property Painting Services

Landed Property

Owning a house in Singapore on land you can call your own is certainly not as common in Singapore as only less than 10% of the population staying on landed property.

Painting services for houses on landed property work differently as compared to HDBs or condominiums. The houses are bigger and have many different layouts as compared to HDBs or Condominiums. Each house is different – from the height of walls to its layout, thus there isn’t a fixed quote for houses on landed property. Moreover, for exterior painting, industrial paint is used instead because it needs to be resistant to all sorts of weather conditions. Thus, you’ll need to contact us for a detailed onsite inspection before we proceed with the painting.

Having dealt with many types of painting jobs, we understand your concerns when deciding on the appropriate company to entrust your house to. Thus, we can assure you that the consultants and painters here at PaintMyPad will only provide you with nothing short of excellence and professionalism in our work.

Feel free to contact us for a no obligation painting service quote or if you have any questions.