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August 2013

What Colours Suit Your HDB Flat?

Choosing a colour scheme for your HDB flat is usually not an easy task. Pick colours that are too dark and you end up with a home similar to a cave. Pick colours that are too bright and you risk creating an excessive ambiance of energy. It is a delicate balance that takes into account, your personality and lifestyle. You also have to pick a colour scheme that won’t interfere but instead…

The Cost Of Hiring A Painting Contractor

You might look at your walls and ceilings of your home and feel something lacking. Either if your home is new or the paint job has become old, there will come a time in every homeowner’s life that they feel the need to intricately design or rejuvenate their home. But painting a home is usually a daunting task. There are certain preparations you have to do and skills you have to have to achiev…

Choosing The Right Colors For The Bedroom

In choosing the colours you want for your bedroom, you have to consider the different effects different colours have on the mood and ambiance of the room. These colours make subtle but distinguishable differences to one’s mentality.

We describe colours as warm or cool, because these are the feelings the colours invoke inside us. The concept of different colours evoking different emotions and…

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