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Choosing The Right Colors For The Bedroom

In choosing the colours you want for your bedroom, you have to consider the different effects different colours have on the mood and ambiance of the room. These colours make subtle but distinguishable differences to one’s mentality.

We describe colours as warm or cool, because these are the feelings the colours invoke inside us. The concept of different colours evoking different emotions and reactions is often called “Chromatherapy” and has been used since ancient times. It can be applied in painting one’s home and designed to suit or change the style and personality of the homeowner.

In the bedroom, there are many colour scheme choices you can make which also affects the mood in a certain way.

Cool Colours

Sky blue, white and gray are some of the colours that induce a serene and calming mood. A bedroom painted in this scheme will calm and mellow the mood. You can also add an accent of brown to use it as a grounding colour. The other colours enlarge and open the space giving the room a larger feel. The colour blue promotes a sense of tranquility and dissolves tension. If you want your bedroom to be a place where one can unwind and relax, choosing cool colours can be very effective in creating the mood you want.


Pink is a soothing colour and will be very lovely for a little girl’s bedroom. It will remind those in it the comfort and warmth they felt from their mothers. A room decorated with the different shades of pink will feel bright and warm. It induces a relaxing feeling for those yearning for the warmth of family. It does not have to be limited to a girl’s bedroom, because the colour pink can be used as accents to other areas of the house.


The colour red is a stimulant. A bedroom painted with the colour will induce energy and excitement. It also promotes courage and confidence. The colour red is also associated with passion.  If you want your bedroom to exhibit boldness and energy, then the different shades of red may be ideal for your bedroom. The stimulation one feels from being in a red painted room goes a long way and may induce agitation if the red is too bright.

Warm Colours

Warm colours create joyful atmospheres. It gives the room the feeling of being sociable and being conducive to conversation. Red and orange against white walls will make for a lively room. Bedrooms covered in warm colours also promote joy, celebration and creativity.


The colour yellow is most commonly regarded as symbolism for sunlight, joy, optimism, and summer. Similar to how the light of the sun gives life to all the living things on Earth, a bedroom bathed in yellow invokes feelings of confidence, well-being and optimism. The colour yellow also enhances intelligence and mental agility. Decorate your bedroom in yellow if you want your room to give you a sense of life and purpose.

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