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April 2014

Some Good Examples That can Inspire You in Painting Your Home

If you are planning on having your home painted new, it would be best to consider if the Homeowners’ Association or community charter has some guidelines to follow (or avoid) for this. Even though you like a color too much, it is still not worth repainting your house twice within a very short time frame just because they don’t allow such color.

Maybe if you have a home with some historica…

Custom Paint Colors

Here is a summary of some of the ways you can mix and match colors, even old paint colors that are virtually hard to replicate. Who knows, maybe those paints that you have been storing in your home could actually be used, saving you from possible extra expenditures.

How do I mix and match colors?

With the help of something like a color wheel or a color mixing chart, you can match custom…

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