About Us

Expect Brilliance & Professionalism

Paint My Pad – Expect Brilliance

In every detail of every project, Paint My Pad is devoted to the utmost professionalism and superior results.

As a full-service painting contractor, we cut no corners; every employee is thoroughly trained, and we use only premium products and superior painting techniques so that each customer can truly Expect Brilliance!

Proven Track Record With Reliability

Painting can seem like a fairly simple process. But when it really comes down to it, there is a lot of potential for problems, miscommunications, and other challenges.

We have heard nightmare stories from clients that have had to deal with other Singapore painting contractors these days. At Paint My Pad, we pride ourselves in our ability to provide customer satisfaction through our hands-on approach.

Full Service Painting Contractor

We offer a wide variety of professional painting finishes and techniques, and we are able to handle any painting job – from interior home  painting service that requires attention to the finest and most intricate details to large-scale commercial and industrial painting.

Our highly trained and experienced painters are dedicated to making sure that each and every one of our customers is completely satisfied with their painting project.

Full Menu of Complete Services

At Paint My Pad, we pride ourselves on our extensive menu of painting services that cater to all your needs.

We perform simple to intricate services in both commercial and residential spaces for interior and exterior spaces.

Our services match all your needs completely, including style, color, finish, and budget concerns.

We perform all our services throughout Singapore and with the utmost care and attention. Along with our menu items, we deliver respectful, attentive, and professional care to all our fellow Singaporeans.

Take Your Pick

No matter what you need for a painting improvement in your space, we know you will find it on our menu.

We have the following services incorporated into our painting packages:

Our painters come with years of experience and training in all our services.

They work diligently and professionally to ensure the best possible, long lasting results.

Guaranteeing Your Satisfaction

We strive to give you the best results every time. We strive to meet and exceed your satisfaction.

We strive to earn your trust. We do so by offering you a 100% satisfaction guarantee on all our services.

We include a 1 year warranty on all our painting workmanship.

For a long lasting professional painting service in Singapore, call the experts at Paint My Pad and schedule your free onsite painting quote today.