Commercial Painting Services

How We Serve Our Singapore Commercial Painting Clients

Commercial Painting Services, Office Painting, Exterior Painting

Commercial painting requires an experienced painting contractor that is able to deliver in terms of manpower, costs and project management. With our wide diverse scale of work experience, PaintMyPad is confident of providing high level of satisfaction and quality work.

PLANNING STAGE commercial painting division provides thorough support in all areas of project planning. We provide our commercial customers with:

  • Thorough, detailed estimates
  • Color consultation and design services
  • Job sequencing and project partnership
  • Flexible, reliable scheduling (including off-hours work)

Our dedicated office staff and project managers communicate effectively, and our professional painters are expertly trained, so that:

  • All commercial painting projects are completed efficiently, centered on your timetable to minimize business disruptions
  • Work sites are kept safe, orderly and effective
  • Adequate care is taken in protecting all non-painted surfaces and equipment
  • Detailed, thorough surface preparation is completed to ensure high-performance results
  • Premium products are used to provide lasting protection and appearance
  • Correct painting techniques and industry standards are followed with care

We pride ourselves in providing long-term value and lasting care, so that many of our commercial painting clients become repeat or continuing customers.

We will finish all the details of your job before leaving.

We aren’t done until you are completely satisfied.

Our company provides paint maintenance plans to help you maximize the value of your investment.

We offer continuing services for upkeep and maintenance of your commercial facilities.

With extensive experience as a commercial painting contractor, PaintMyPad knows the techniques, tools and materials that will protect your assets and investments from the elements for years to come.

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