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October 2013

The Reason behind Testing Paint Colors

It is considered a good practice to test paint colors that you have chosen before actually buying massive amounts of them. Painting a sample of your chosen color to a small portion of your wall would make you realize how different a color may appear when it is looked at in small tints and in actual application to your room. Bearing this in mind, you get to prevent spending too much money on…

Emphasize What’s in Your Room with Accents

Accents can liven up a boring room with just some addition of new shades or new tints onto what is inside your room. But did you know that accents can also help you bring emphasis to what can be seen in a room?

Center of Attraction

Having a nice piece of art, wide-screen TV, fireplaces, or anything that you would like to give emphasis in a room is a perfect place to start putting accents…

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