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How Much Does It Cost To Paint A 3, 4 or 5 Room HDB Flat

In Singapore, HDB flats are prized possessions and as with all prized possessions, they have to be delicately taken care of. One way Singaporeans take care of their HDB flats is to treat it to a paint job. There are many painting contractors in Singapore you can call on that will be able to do this job properly and beautifully. The number of rooms and size of the flat are the most significant factors in the prices of the paint service. The costs are listed below:

3 room flat – $600 to $1100, done in 1 to 2 days
4 room flat – $750 to $1350, done in 1 to 3 days
5 room flat – $850 to $1500, done in 2 to 4 days

There is a price range for painting services because painting contractors usually inspect the quality of the walls of your flat and which types of paint work best before giving their final quotation.

Some walls might require primers or sealers which will in turn increase the price of the service. A wall usually requires a sealer when the flat and the walls are new, when the walls are prone to moisture seepage, or when the flat and the walls are adequately old. Here is a price list for sealers:

3 room flat – around $300 for water based and around $350 for oil based
4 room flat – around $400 for water based and around $450 for oil based
5 room flat – around $500 for water based and around $550 for oil based

Other services like cleaning services and requesting for more paint colours than the painting contractor’s original package will incur you additional charges. The fees change depending on the contractor. A more expensive service will be more likely to give better results. Some painting contractors also give a free warranty for their work.
Most painting contractors offer free no-obligation quotations to their customers so you can call them for more accurate prices.

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Jenny Tang Mrs —

I would like to know the price of painting my 5 room flat..How about my furnitures, do I need to move out first or u just cover with plastic sheet over the furnitures.please give me yr best quotation.
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