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Paint Color and Mood

Happiness, anger, sadness, aggression; just a few of the feelings that different colors can give you. This is why you have to be careful when choosing the right color for your house. You can go for something that can bring about happiness, warmth and other positive vibes, and sheer away from the ones that can give you the negative ones.

Here are some examples of different atmospheres each color can convey.


Yellow can initially give you a happy feeling when looking at it as it gives out the warm and sunny feeling of being outside in the sun. Although this is known to heighten concentration, be very careful when choosing this color as this can leave you temperamental when exposed to it for a long time.


Orange and brown are perfect choices if you want to go for a room that can make you feel warm and cozy. Although orange they’re both energetic colors, finding the right shade can make your room look sophisticated or even playful. You can go for something light with a hint of orange up to dark brown depending on what level of warmth you’d prefer. They are also both gender neutral, so they can be the best choice for couples or siblings sharing a room.


Green and blue both express a cooling and relaxing effect in a room. Green is very relaxing and calming, which is why it is a very popular choice among home owners. It is also common in hospital settings and mental institutions for its calming effect on the patients.

Blue on the other hand can be very cool to the eyes. It can make you feel light and relaxed when exposed to this color. However, the shade chosen may look different being painted on the entire wall as to the sample chip.


If you’re looking for colors that can stimulate your mind and leave you productive, go for shades of red or purple.

Red is known to increase and aggravate certain body functions like heart rate, respiration and appetite. This is a common choice for sports locker rooms and restaurants as it boosts the players’ drive and the eaters’ appetites.

Purple on the other hand can both be a relaxing and stimulating depending on the shade chosen. Lighter shades of lilac can make the room cool and relaxing, or feminine like pink. Darker shades however can leave you very productive that are why it’s a popular choice to artists and theater rooms.

Basic colors

Let’s not forget the basic colors; white, black and gray. Although they are the most common colors used in clothes and furniture, you might want to keep them to a minimal when painting them on walls. White can seem dull and lifeless if painted on large walls, which is why this is better mixed with a bit of orange or yellow in most houses.

Black is a good choice for furniture and small pieces, but can give negative feelings when placed on the walls.

Gray, although a light color, can also bright out the same atmosphere as to black. This can leave you feeling sad, angry or afraid.

Although these basic colors are not the perfect choice in painting full walls, they can be great accents or can be placed on trims or panels.

Choosing the best color for your house is always your own. You can go for a full black room if it leaves you feeling happy or choose not to go for a blue room if it leaves you sad and unproductive.

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