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PaintMyPad is a subsidiary of MP Painters. We are a committed bunch of painting specialists who are dedicated to providing you with quality painting services.

A rough gauge can be given based on pictures or descriptions, however we will be unable to give an accurate assessment since we cannot look ascertain the condition of the walls or pick out details (e.g. hairline cracks). It is always best to contact us for an expert consult so that we can give you a more precise quote.

During a consult, we can offer you a free paint and colour consultation where we can advise you on what colours to paint your walls. We are also able to do special murals if you wish at a different cost. Besides residential painting, we also specialize in commercial painting and have been gaining rapport from people in this area. Contact us if you have further enquiries.

Yes, warranty is provided for 1 year starting from the date of completion. Our warranty includes against peeling, blistering and flaking. It does not, however, cover any defects due to an Act of God; moisture penetration from the interior of substrates, defects that were deliberately caused and structural leaks or cracks. Our warranty is also inclusive of transportation charges which other companies may exclude.

Usually the waiting time would be dependent on your schedule as well as ours. In general, we can start work within 3-5 working days.

Payment will be made upon completion of the job in the form of cash or cheque. We work with our customers on the basis of mutual trust so we do not collect deposits. However, if the project amount exceeds $2000, a down payment would be required.

No. We will do the job of making sure the area is clean and that no paint gets onto your furniture or floor. However, if the area is neat it will quicken the process of painting since we will spend less time tidying up the surrounding area or wiping cobwebs off the wall.

It is not necessary, however you should not plan to use your home as normally on the day the paint project begins.

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