Residential Painting Services

Residential Painting Services, HDB Painting Services, Condo Painting Services

If ‘home is where the heart is’, then it is most important to hire trustworthy and reliable painters that will treat your home and family with the care they deserve. Residential painting requires a meticulous and understanding painting contractor that is able empathize with the customer. He is able to put himself in the customers’ shoes so that he can deliver the best possible to results to them – fresh, clean and vibrant walls. With our wealth of experience, can assure you the highest level of finesse and quality workmanship.

PLANNING STAGE residential painting division provides comprehensive support in all areas of project planning. We provide our residential customers with:

  • Thorough, detailed estimates
  • Color consultation and design services
  • Flexible, reliable scheduling (including off-hours work)

Our dedicated office staff and project managers communicate effectively, and our professional painters are expertly trained, so that:

  • Painting sites are kept safe, orderly and effective
  • Adequate care is taken in protecting all non-painted surfaces and equipment
  • Detailed, thorough surface preparation is completed to ensure high-performance results
  • Premium products are used to provide lasting protection and appearance
  • Correct painting techniques and industry standards are followed with care

We pride ourselves in providing long-term value and lasting care, so that many of our residential painting clients become repeat or continuing customers.

We will finish all the details of your job before leaving.

Your satisfaction is our highest priority.

We offer continuing services for upkeep and maintenance of your residential facilities.

With skilled and patient painting contractors, PaintMyPad knows how to protect your assets and investments from the elements for years to come. Many people have trusted PaintMyPad for the highest level of quality, longevity and excellent finishing in our painting work. Rest assured – your home is safe in our hands.

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