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Some Good Examples That can Inspire You in Painting Your Home

If you are planning on having your home painted new, it would be best to consider if the Homeowners’ Association or community charter has some guidelines to follow (or avoid) for this. Even though you like a color too much, it is still not worth repainting your house twice within a very short time frame just because they don’t allow such color.

Maybe if you have a home with some historical value, going with the flow with choosing some historic feeling colors is not a bad idea at all. You might even get some of the money you spent for repainting as tax credit.

If you are facing problems with choices since your HOA is limiting them, you can choose a color scheme that can suit your house well from some of your neighbors. It doesn’t necessarily mean that you have to copy what you see but it would give you some idea on what people generally like, especially if you want to attract buyers and would like to prevent your house from being known as a weird one in your neighborhood.

Books and magazines are also perfect materials that can present to you lots of ways to use a single color scheme.

Choosing color schemes from books and magazines must be done with some scrutiny as the colors presented in them might actually vary from that being sold in paint shops. This is true unless the articles specify the exact details of the paints that were used in the presented homes. If that is the case, be prepared since there is still a possibility that the actual might still be different from what you are expecting.

One way to find some alternatives is to browse along the color schemes that the manufacturers would recommend to you. These color schemes can be played with for a lot of wonderful variations that some you would surely like.

If you are still having some difficulties in choosing, you could also ask your contractor for ideas. They have an idea of what homeowners want, what colors last longer from external conditions than others and which colors can cover up a large area with the least effort needed.

In the end you can actually get inspiration from a lot of references and people like books, magazines, manufacturers and contractors. With all of these to help you choose, a new color scheme that matches your house perfectly would surely be worth all that effort.

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