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The Dangers of Hiring A Cheap Painting Contractor

Painting a home seems like a leisurely project, but in reality, it is far from it.

There are certain skills and preparations necessary to produce a good output. It also takes a lot of time and effort on the homeowner. Nowadays, homeowners have steadily opted to get their painting project done by professionals than doing it themselves. This saves them time and ensures that the work will be done in the correct manner. However, there are so many painting contractors these days that it can be troublesome to choose the right one. It has become even harder to discern the good ones from the bad ones.

In choosing your painting contractor, there are many factors you have to consider. Ask for quotations from different painting contractors so you have a reference on their prices. But don’t be tempted by those who can bid the cheapest. In this line of business, choosing the painting contractor who will be able to give you the cheapest price might not be a smart idea. The best value is not necessarily the cheapest. The best value is the contractor that can give the best quality at the best price.

Most of the time, bad painting contractors lure their unwilling victims with cheap prices. These cheap prices however come at a higher risk. One of the necessary steps a homeowner has to do is to ask for a copy of the painting contractor’s insurance policy.

If you hire painting contractors who are uninsured or underinsured, you most like will be liable if anything happens. Always be sure that the painting contractor you are hiring is not cheap because of lacking insurance policies but because they can provide the best price. If a painting contractor’s price is too good to be true, most likely it is and it’s not worth it.

Cheap painting contractors almost always produce sloppy results because they don’t take the effort to properly clean or prep the surfaces. They might skip the part where they need not only to mix the paints correctly but also to handle it with care, especially in tight spots. These painting contractors only care about speed.

These aren’t contractors who take pride in their work.

The works of these painting contractors usually lead to sloppy results and irreversible damages. With a cheap contractor, you can expect results like this:

  • Overlapping/Overspraying of paint on floors, ceilings and/or adjacent walls
  • Paint drippings on the floors
  • Paint over obviously dirty and unprepared surfaces
  • Cracking and peeling paint
  • Inconsistent texture of the paint
  • Uneven colour tone and application of the paint

If you are prepared to accept all these negative outcomes, by all means go hire a cheap painting contractor. Unfortunately PaintMyPad is not for you.

In choosing a painting contractor, carefully consider the quality of their paint jobs. Ask family and friends for their experience and advice.

When you have already chosen a painting contractor, do not fail to interact with them personally. Tell them what you want and how good you want it to be done. If you have the time, observe their work during the whole process.

Because when the paint job is done, any incorrect applications may be irreversible.

When the paint job is complete, most good painting contractors will walk you through their work. Inspect for any issues that you think needs to be addressed before they leave, because it will be easier to address these immediately after the job than to address these weeks after the contractor has left

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