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The Cost Of Hiring A Painting Contractor

You might look at your walls and ceilings of your home and feel something lacking. Either if your home is new or the paint job has become old, there will come a time in every homeowner’s life that they feel the need to intricately design or rejuvenate their home. But painting a home is usually a daunting task. There are certain preparations you have to do and skills you have to have to achieve the perfect result. From design inception to applying the final coat of paint, the whole process will take a lot of time and effort.

Most homeowners nowadays look to painting contractors to get a home paint job done. This saves the homeowner’s precious time. This also ensures that the job will be done excellently. However, some homeowners have second thoughts if they need to hire a painting contractor. Some might consider the cost too high and finding the painting contractor that will be a perfect fit to your task can be a difficult task in and of itself.

But you shouldn’t worry too much. Most of the time, a painting contractor’s cost will be well worth it considering the quality of output they can produce compared to the output from doing the job yourself.

Painting contractors have specialized skills and are fully equipped ensuring they can get the job done almost perfectly. They handle everything from the cleaning of the painting surfaces to the application of paint. And you still get the final say in terms of your desired colour scheme or concept, desired paint finish and the arrangement of every detail.

The cost of hiring a painting contractor usually varies depending on the size of the building and the number of rooms. Generally, the cost of painting a 3-room flat is around $600 to $1100. A 4-room flat is around $750 to $1350. And for a 5 room flat, the cost will range from $850 to $1500 with the job completed in one to three days.

These prices aren’t fixed however and may change with time. You may also need to pay additional charges when requesting for a more paint colours than the original packages they offer.

It is also important to consider the types of paint and sealers.  There are different types of paint like high gloss, semi-gloss, eggshell, satin, pearl, mat and flat and all have different prices. One can either choose water-based or the oil-based sealers depending on the condition of the walls.

For a 4-room flat, water-based sealers may cost around $450, while oil based ones are around $500. After the paint job, some painting contractors might include a cleaning service in their packages. And this may also call for an additional charge.

Before you finalize a deal, you should understand and keep in mind all the terms and conditions. You should hire fast and reliable painting contractors who employ experienced people and artists. Reputed painting contractors will give the best results for the best value and will be able to keep the process hassle-free for the customer. When all is said and done, these costs will have been well worth it when you consider the result.


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