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Painting the Interior of Your House

When done right, interior paint can greatly contribute to the decoration of your home. Aside from the fact that it can hide certain flaws in the structure or design of a room, it can dramatically improve the overall style of a specific area, certainly a cheaper way of adding beauty to the interior design of your home.

There are, however, several factors that you need to consider before embarking on a project to renovate your interior painting: (1) the overall theme that you want to achieve, (2) lighting, (3) the fabrics in the room; and (4) what you plan to do with the room or house in the future. We will briefly consider each of these factors in this article.

What is your theme?

Do you want a Mediterranean theme for your room, an oriental theme, or a Mexican theme?  The theme that you will choose will dictate the combination of paint colors, the hues, and the accent colors that you will use.

While an oriental theme will include different shades of deep reds, gold and jade green with black accent, a Mexican theme will include warm colors like orange, yellow and red, You can also go for contemporary colors or neutral colors. You can also go for a more personalized theme by choosing colors that goes with your personal style.

Lighting effects

There are two ways lighting will have an effect in the interior painting. One is the amount of natural lighting that the room receives. Does the room have lots of windows allowing a lot of sunlight? Then do not choose dark colors since these will absorb heat making the room warmer, choose light colors instead.  If the room is situated in the west receiving dramatic lighting during sunset, then you can choose colors that will accentuate the colors of sunset.

In the absence of natural lighting, the artificial lighting will also have effect on the interior painting.  For example, fluorescent light gives a green tinge while halogen light gives a yellow tinge. Basic knowledge of the effect of artificial light will let you choose paint colors to complement the existing lightings in the room or choose lightings to complement the color scheme that you have chosen as theme for your room.

Remember, the right lighting combined with the interior painting can have a dramatic effect in the decorative style of the room. Consider the lighting before painting the room.

Paint-Fabric Combination

To achieve a coordinated decorative finish for the room, consider the fabric of the upholstery of the furniture, the fabric of the curtains, and carpet. Try to use paint colors that complements the color of the fabric and vice versa. To be sure, you can bring swatches of fabric to the paint store and compare it with the paint color swatches to come up with the correct shade.

Consider your plans in the future

Do you plan to sell the house in the future or live in it for a while? If you plan to live in the house for quite some time, then you may personalize the interior paint colors; otherwise, choose neutral colors to avoid difficulties in the future.

While choosing paint colors, combined with lighting and fabric might look daunting at first, it can be enjoyable once you get the hang of it. There are endless colors and hues to choose from. But with the right theme and plan in mind, you will achieve the effect and style that you want with less strain on the pockets.

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