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Painting Appetite in a Dining Room

The color of a dining room is said to affect the appetite of people, with shades of red, orange and yellow said to increase the appetite of people. This may be one of the reasons why majority of fast food chains use vibrant shades of these colors. They are even believed to help in metabolism!

If these colors seem to be too striking and too stimulating for you, you can also choose their subtler shades like terra cotta, peach or coral instead of orange; maroon, barn or brick-red instead of bright red and golden or sandy shades of yellow.

Lighting would be also important for your dining room. During the darker hours, warmer shades would be more appealing to the appetite. You can also try out a swatch of these colors in a room and see how you would handle the color at different times.

Neutral colors are always good choices that never go out of style and blends well in a room. No one can say that the versatile colors of gray, white, beige and brown are not good choices at all. In case that you want to have your dining room new kitchenware or napkins, the need of repainting the whole room would be unnecessary.

Neutral painted dining rooms would also blend well with other parts of the house. A gray-themed dining room will blend a lot better than its orange, yellow or red counterparts if you have a purple colored living room.

Meanwhile, cool colors do the opposite for the appetite and mood of people. It creates the impression that the room is too cool and restful which inhibits one’s appetite and the zeal to start or carry on a conversation with others when having a meal.

Still can’t choose a good color for your dining room? Here are some insights about some colors.


Along with darker shades of it, red can make a dining room appear formal. But coupling the funkier shades with white can make a room less formal.


Terra-cotta themed dining rooms give the Southwestern feel to it. Paired with tan or sage green trims and furnishings made from aged wood completes this theme.

Tone down the brightness of orange with some rich brown trims and creamy, off-white furniture.


Enjoy your weekend meals in a lemon yellow painted room with some white furnish and blue and white curtains and napkins.

Golden tones emphasized with layers of glaze gives the feeling of depth and texture to your dining room.


Brown is a nice choice that gained popularity recently and goes well with pastel colors.


Add some dark accents along with lighter colored decorations and these would really shine with your beige or tan colored dining room.


A sleek, modern look can be achieved with glass or ebonized furniture, black trims and mercury glass vases.

If you are still having difficulties in choosing colors, there are still several references you can find in books and even over the Internet.

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