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Getting Quality House Painting Services

Hiring a contractor doesn’t end at hearing about or looking at the previous job done, there are some basic things that you should look for and be very attentive about. Check these essential things first before deciding to give the job to a contractor.

Proper preparation before the paint job

A good painter will make sure that your things at home are properly protected from paint spills and splatters. Check if he was able to cover the decorations inside and outside depending on where the job was done. A well protected house, pre-paint job, can leave you worry-free for the rest of the day and even after the job is finished.

Check if the contractor was able to do proper preparation on surfaces to be painted on before the paint job. Molds, dirt and other substances hiding through corners can have a huge effect on the job done after a while. He should be able to get rid of old paint and other dirt on the wall first before placing paint on it. A good contractor will also make sure to protect each electrical outlet with plastic, and instruct you to turn off the electricity.

Another detail that you should look for in a good contractor is proper caulking. Holes in windows or borders should be sealed and secured pre-painting.

Quality of work done

Some major signs of a paint job are as follows; clean painting on windows, doors and trims, no drips or pills on the floor, equal coverage on surfaces and proper continuousness of different colors placed beside each other.

Check if windows, doors and trims were properly masked and look for clean lines around them. Also check for hinges if they were properly protected from the paint.

Find out of the contractor was able to do the job without any spills or drips on the floor. After all, it is very stressful to find paint spills on the floor afterwards.

Even coverage is also very important in painting a surface. Depending on the color hue chosen, this can be critical as a darker hue can sometimes mean three or more shades of the paint color chosen. A sign of a job well done is an even surface that doesn’t show you how many times the walls had been painted on.

A good paint job should also show clean lines where each colors meet. This should be precise and show even lines between the ceiling and the walls. Good painters are careful with these parts of the house as they are often obvious if the connection between the ceiling and walls are not neat.

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