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Where To Get Ideas for Repainting Interior

You have decided to repaint the interior of your house. Now, you need a theme. Where are you going to get the inspiration or idea on what theme to choose or the right color combination especially if this is your first time to do it or you will you don’t have the experience to do it?

Do not worry since there are a number of ways that can help you come up with the right inspiration.

First, if you have the budget, a sensible thing to do is to hire an interior designer that will guide you from conceptualizing your idea and theme to choose the right colors and implementing your project. Just make sure that it is your idea that is implemented, the interior designer should just give you the principles and help you work out the details of the theme.

But what if you don’t have the budget? Why not consider any of these sources of inspirations.

Books and Magazines

One of the best sources of inspirations that you can use is books and magazines on home design or interior design. If you are embarking on repainting the interior of all the rooms in your house, why not invest by buying a book or several magazines with different themes from the bookstore or Home Improvement shops – that way, you can even make notes on the pages that you can show to whoever will do the repainting. If it’s just a single room, try borrowing the book or magazine from a friend or your contractor.

Friend’s or Neighbor’s House

Try to be observant and conscious when visiting your friends’ house, when you go to the doctors’ clinic, a hotel, resort or even restaurants. Make notes of color combination, and try to take note of striking color combinations, what you like and what you don’t like. If the owner will allow, take picture of the combinations – remember: a picture paints a thousand words. It is easier to show color combination than to describe it.

Home Improvement Showrooms

Go to Home Improvement establishments that feature galleries and showrooms of different interiors that combined with interior paint colors. This way, you’ll get the full effect that you want. Other shops also provide swatches of colors to choose from. Visiting showrooms will also allow you to mentally picture the overall effect of interior paint jobs combined with furniture, fabrics and lighting.

On the Television and the Internet

There are also television shows, Internet sites with software programs that will give you ideas on different inspirations or themes. Watching professionals on TV do it will definitely help you firm up your ideas just like having a consultant of your own. Some software program will even feature simulation by allowing you to choose the color scheme and applying it to a virtual room where you can visualize the effect.

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