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How to Find a Quality and Reliable Painting Contractors

Searching for painting contractors can be risky and oftentimes tiresome.  Here are some tips on finding a good contractor that can help you have an efficient and worry-free experience.

Neighborhood Watch

Useful information on anything can be found with proper research. A lovely house can reveal a lot of information, a good painting contractor to name one. If you come across a beautiful house around the neighborhood, it never hurts to inquire about who did the painting job.

Some happy clients would even advertise their painting contractors by placing their ads at the front of their yard or by telling the neighbors about them. Getting feedback from previous clients is the best way in choosing which contractor would suit your needs the best.

Some must-know about the contractor:

Efficiency of the Painting contractor

You can ask for the house owner’s opinion on the end-result of the job done, but its best if you check the job done yourself. Be thorough when looking through details like windows, doors, corners, and little panels or borders. Those often missed areas are good indicators if the painter is proficient or not.

Professionalism of the Painter

Try to find out as much information as you can about how the painter was while on the job. Be aware of the painter’s attitude and professionalism towards his job. Ask if the painter was polite, punctual, and easy to work with. Know whether he communicates well and shows eagerness in carrying out a good job.

Also, find out if the contractor was able to adhere to the allocated schedule given to him. A good contractor should arrive as per agreed upon and finish the job in a timely manner.

When was the painting job done and does it come with warranty?

Anything is subject to normal wear and tear, including house paints. Check how recent the paint-job was done and if the customer is still satisfied with it. It’s better to get information from a client who has had the job done a few years back than from the one who just had it recently. You have to choose a contractor that can leave you with a paint-job that can last a long time.

One more important thing to find out is if the contractor is able to offer you a warranty of several years. If the contractor is hesitant to extend the warranty to more than a year, this could show the kind of work that he is about to provide.

Playing Detective

Snooping around is not an easy job, but when choosing the right painting contractor, it’s never an option to get lazy. When searching for contractors’ numbers and contacting them, try to find as many references from previous clients as possible. Get in touch with the references given and gather the essential information needed. You can get the red light when the contractor is hesitant in giving you their references.

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