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Emphasize What’s in Your Room with Accents

Accents can liven up a boring room with just some addition of new shades or new tints onto what is inside your room. But did you know that accents can also help you bring emphasis to what can be seen in a room?

Center of Attraction

Having a nice piece of art, wide-screen TV, fireplaces, or anything that you would like to give emphasis in a room is a perfect place to start putting accents in a room. Just put the accent color near them and your room will have that striking and dynamic feel especially around those lovely furniture or pieces of art.

Room looks empty? Accents will save your day!

Having a large room that doesn’t really have much inside it would bring that empty feeling to anyone that comes inside. But this can be prevented by several ways – have your furniture grouped tighter, such as couches and tables put somewhere in the corner of the room. You can also have the wall most seen colored into an accent that could contrast with the rest of the walls. Sight is naturally fixated to large, smooth spaces; therefore application of paint to the largest wall in a room would help a lot. Rags can also help in adding a more texturized feeling to the room, counteracting the emptiness brought about by the lack of contents of the room.

If a wall has several windows and doors, put accents in other walls or places away from them since these parts of the room would create a distraction that could make the focal point that you are trying to create in your room less evident.

If your room is not particularly isolated and it will be seen from other rooms or part of your building or home, do your best to create a feeling of unity and harmony among these rooms. As an example a dining room that is colored vibrantly red would serve as an accent for a purple living room.

Covering your wall with a single accent color is not the only way to achieve emphasis. Coloring your wall with a certain shape that would go with your wall decorations will also make them good focal points that would attract the eyes. Paint a dark shade of vertical stripe on your wall and create the feeling of a higher room; you can even keep track of the height of your children as they grow without the pencil marks seen from afar.

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