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Choosing Theater Room Paint Colors

The acoustics for your very own theater room is also as important as the color choices for the room. These color choices can actually affect the quality of your viewing experience.

Dark deep colors are always good choices since it maximizes the contrast between your viewing and the room. Commonly used is black, although choosing decorations that go around well with it is quite a task, coupled with the difficulty of overlaying paints when deciding to repaint surfaces.

Avoid choosing red, blue or green overtones for your theater room, since these colors will surely destroy your viewing experience and make pictures on the screen have those extra tints. Alternatively, you can use these colors as accents for furniture, accessories or trims. Only you should make sure that these will not be anywhere near the screen.

If your theater also serves another purpose besides a premium place for viewing, like gaming or playing, then some earthen tints can be chosen to liven up the place. Although these color choices would only mean sacrificing some of your viewing experience.

Transform the room into an inviting room for your guests with the help of some amber or red-tinged bulbs that illuminate burgundy couches and velvet pillows. Choose flat-finish or textured upholstery so that light won’t be reflected that much and affect the screen.

Home theaters should not be reflecting too much light, so finishes like flat or satin/eggshell ones would be preferred. Glossy paints would only cause distractions from a movie.

To maximize the viewing experience in your home theater, make sure that the visuals and the acoustics of the room is paid much attention. Cracks and crevices on the walls should be covered to prevent the sound from breaking and be trapped well. A dark tinted primer can also reduce the work of darkening the walls to get the richest, darkest shade with the least amount of labor.

Adding your own personal touch to your theater room isn’t that bad, just keep in mind that this room serves a function that can be affected much if your color choices would reduce the quality of your viewing experience. Limiting your choices to the accents of the room which aren’t directly affecting the screen is a good way of having the best viewing experience you can get without sacrificing personal touches that don’t take away your attention from the screen.

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