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Bringing that Clean, Comfortable Impression to your Bathroom

Choosing colors based on your own preferences is always a good idea for painting your rooms. Although there are instances that some color schemes would give off a better feel than the others. The bathroom, for instance, could have that clean, comfortable impression that calms the soul.

Colors that remind you of water, such as blues, greens and aquas, help produce that soothing, spa-like feel. Moreover, these colors are natural choices for bathrooms. Accents for your bathroom can dictate what kind of feel you want your bathroom to have. Sandy or shell accents can produce an ocean-like resemblance; rich chocolate brown accents with pewter suggest modernization. In general, bright and light shades bring out best results while their subdued counterparts paired with neutral accessories make the room appear boring.

Gender-themed bathrooms can be achieved by choosing, for example, pink for feminine ones. But a feminine look can also be achieved with some other alternatives such as lilac paired with white. But if you want neutralize the femininity of the room, blue can do the job.

For a masculine bathroom, muted greens would go along well with neutral colors. Adding occasional hints of brown could make the look more pleasing. You can also complete a forest-like look for your bathroom with some dried naturals and moss, olive, or sage tints and mottled stone countertops.

Bathrooms for children tend to appear cheery and lively, which is mainly why bright colors like lemon yellow is a perfect choice. Paint out the cabinets with white or pine and white fixtures to complete this cheery look.

The neutral beige is also a perfect choice for your bathroom, just be careful with the colors that you want to go along with it since dark shades with beige can create the feeling of dirt. Subtler, subdued counterparts of your color choices would suffice for this and will surely appeal to everyone.

Since lesser time is spent in the bathroom than other parts of the house, getting bolder in choosing colors for it would not be that bad. Darker, brighter or bolder colors won’t hurt at all. A contrasting fleur de lis look can be chosen, which can be done by having deep red walls and brass or pewter accents. A futuristic feel can also be achieved by having shiny chrome accessories to fill a dark bathroom composed of deep gray walls, black fixtures and tiles along with some good lighting to avoid the room to appear like an eerie cave.

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