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A Fresh Room Colour Scheme With 50 Shades of White

Choosing a colour scheme for your room can be a daunting task. Not everyone is fond of strong and bright colours. Some people also dislike colours that are too timid and quiet. Everyone also gets sick of their wall colours every once in a while. So why not try to take a gamble? Try a new and fresh colour scheme using the different shades of white. Paint the walls and ceilings white.

You must be thinking how bland a room fully covered in white might be, but know that no other colour gives the most number of moods that white gives. It can be warm and accepting, neat and clean, and it also changes its character depending on the light that shines through the room. Different times of days or different seasons can be a catalyst to change the mood of your room. These colours are those that differ only very slightly from pure white.

Before deciding on a final course of action, one must get to know some of the different shades of white. Cool White, Snow, Distant Gray, Slipper Satin, Cloud Cover and Gray Mist are examples of the shades of white which give a sense of sophistication and refinement. Ivory, Cream, Cornsilk, Floral White, Stowe White and Milk White are examples of the shades of white which give a touch of class and elegance to your rooms. Linen White, White dove and Gray are some neutral whites that go well with anything.

Some of you may have trouble of getting your head to wrap around the idea of designing your room around the colour white thinking that it’s too simple. Well, think about this, white is the only colour that goes well with almost all of the other colours. A white room with a touch of red might be satisfying enough for your sensual tastes. Or a white room with green accents may give off a feeling of serenity and being one with nature. The possible combinations you can make with white are endless.

White also works well with black, but it is more enhanced by gray. Gray is one of the most popular neutral colours. When used, it gives off a contemporary feeling which can be adjusted by accents in the room. A room that is bathed in white will give off a feeling of elegance and a feeling of the Victorian era. Cream whites can give off a French appeal.

White on white is cool and electric. But sometimes it can be too cool or stark for most people. A little ingenuity with accents and arrangements can go a long way and transform it beautifully. The colours of the furniture and decorations too are important in adjusting the mood of the white. Adding luxurious pieces of work from great artists can turn a cold room into a room which invokes luxury and class.

The different shades of white are colours that excellently complement any style, personality, colour scheme or concept. White is subtle and can make a room brighter and larger. Since it goes well with anything, a little decorating is all it needs to finish your winter wonderland.

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