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What to Look for on a Quality House Painting Contractor

Hiring a new painting contractor oftentimes leaves you on slippery ground. Thinking of saving money or being tight on a painting budget can actually do more harm than good in the end. There are a few things you must keep in mind when considering a painting contractor for the job.

Get Necessary Information about the Contractor

Ask for needed data about things like the length of his experience in the given field, references from previous clients, contractor’s credentials, and exact quotation of estimated expenses.

Length of Experience

Be very cautious when hiring a new contractor as you will be at risk of getting one that may or may not finish the job after getting your money. Ask how long has he/she been in the business and get necessary references. It is good to give chances to new contractors and help them with their business, but you should also take some caution for yourself.  Also observe if the contractor is professional; exhibiting values of punctuality and being professional on the phone to name a few.

Check References

No matter how new the contractor is with this filed, it’s always advisable to check for references. Even a new contractor can have at least one or two references that they can give to you. Contact these previous clients and ask for feedback on the previous job done. If possible, visit and check the paint job done yourself.

Contractor’s Credentials

Get contractor’s credentials like a license bond and insurance for the job to be done. A professional contractor sees to it that he/she has a license bond. He/she is willing to pay a certain amount of money in order to show the quality of work that he/she can provide.

Although a license bond is not needed in some places, it is still good to check if the contractor has one and be careful when considering one without it.

Also check if he/she can provide you with insurance for the paint job. This also shows how he/she values not only the quality that he can provide but also his relationship with his clients. Thus seeing to it that he can have well references-to-be in the future.


A good contractor should be able to provide you with an estimated quotation of expenses; materials, products, labor to be used. He/she should also be willing to have you accompany him/her when purchasing the materials to be used or to have them delivered straight to your house instead.

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