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How Should Your House be Painted Outside?

When choosing paint that would go to the outer parts of your house, it would be nice to consider first if there are any restrictions in the colors that you are allowed to use in painting your house from the outside. It would be pretty expensive to repaint your house again in a few days since there is some rule in your neighborhood that allows such a color. You should also consider whether your house would look good in contrast to your neighbors.

My neighbors? But why?

Sure it would be great if your home would be painted in your favorite color, but choosing a striking color in comparison to neighbors who generally chose to paint their own houses with neutrals or bright colors could actually make your house look not at all attractive.

If your neighbors chose to paint their houses with bright colors, then it would be better if you went along with the flow and chose a bright color of your own taste. If you think your choice wouldn’t be that good, and then play it safe with mid-tone neutral colors.

Colors might fade

Although you may have chosen a good brand of paint for your house, it is inevitable that at some point they might fade out since they are exposed to UV light. Shades of blue and red are some of those which are affected the most. Choosing a color like beige and light to medium brown is guaranteed to last for quite a long time. Consider your color choice especially if you don’t want a new paint job over the next few years.

What else should I be remembering?

Besides lasting longer than other colors, beige and light to medium brown paint also require lesser coats to cover up an area compared to other shades such as reds and yellows. These colors demand more coats that can reach up to six coats, which means more money must be spent for your new paint job.

To sum it up, your neighborhood, durability of the paint and coverage offered by paint are some of the elements that you have to consider when painting your house. Choose a color that would bring emphasis to the redeeming features of your house which can also minimize attention to details that you don’t want noticed. Neutral colors are always safe choices but you can also seek professional help if you want to go out of the ordinary.

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