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Bedroom – Achieving that Cozy and Soothing Appearance

The bedroom is meant to be a relaxing place, therefore choosing cool colors from shades of blue, green or gray or some soothing neutrals can help you alleviate yourself of any sleeping problems.

If waking in the morning is harder than usual for you, hints of morning, warm earth shades and cheerful tints of yellow or red could help you out. You don’t have to be so vague about your choices even if you share your room with someone else, painting a mood to your room whilst keeping your personal touch isn’t that hard at all.

The Master Bedroom

Make your bedroom relaxing and soothing without making it too boring. Neutral colors aren’t limited to the boring shades, since any color that blends well with most others can also be considered a neutral color.

Colors such as black, brown, gray, khaki, silver, gold, and navy can do the same trick and blend as well as white and beige do. Dark colors can be used for your furniture and accessories since using these colors in major areas of the bedroom would look smaller. Have that lavish touch in your sleeping quarters with some metallic paint, coupled with trim and accent pieces to prevent the room from looking too tacky.

Cool colors in warm climates can help you feel cooler which promotes the urge to rest and doze off faster. Brighter shades can be avoided if there is trouble finding sleep.

A comfortable environment can be created for those sharing a room with some khaki walls and olive green for the trims and beddings. The throw pillows and knickknacks can serve as accents with some paprika and burnt orange.

Children’s Rooms

Kids usually spend more time outside than in their own bedrooms, so it’s important to make the room appealing so that they are encouraged to spend some more time in it.

Choosing subdued colors is a good way of choosing colors for kids’ rooms. Color preferences of kids will surely change drastically over the years and having the accessories possess these colors instead of the room itself can save you from repainting the room over and over again in a few years.

Guest Bedrooms

Like hotels, guest bedrooms should generally be painted with neutral colors to eliminate color preferences in them. To prevent them from looking too bland and boring, you can use textured paint to add interest. Stripes can also eliminate the boring feeling of the room. Faux finishes and half the stripes painted in a semi-gloss and the other half in flat finish can add a playful experience for a guest’s sight.

Panels of the same or neutral color are also some of the options – just mix and match colors to achieve a certain theme like white panels along with a brown wall for a crisp, modern feel.

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