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The Right Choice for Painting Your Living Room

The living room is the area of the house that used for a lot of purposes, which gives you more choices for the paint to use on it unlike the dining area or the bedroom area of your house.

Choosing neutral colors for your living room would be a good way to start off, since these colors will never be outdated and blends well with most color choices along with an accent wall and some vibrantly colored pieces of art or accessories. By simply changing the decors and the color of the accent wall, you can easily give your living room a different mood without much effort.

Reversing this style, you can also choose a more striking color choice for your living room that would go well with some neutral colored furnishings.

Take into consideration how light fills the room, too. A well-lit room would look a lot better with some cooler shaded walls. On the contrary, if your room is closed off and is darker than usual, the use of shades of blue, green and purple would bring an exaggeration and would make the room look cold.

If you want a cohesive theme to be seen in your living room, you could consider some of the following:

  • Mission-style furniture and rustic furniture coupled with hunter green, maroon, or navy, along with some hints of black and tan would complete a lodge-like feeling for your living quarters.
  • Blue, yellow or dusty red and distressed, painted furnishings would create a country look.
  • A beach theme can be achieved with white and a pale shade of blue with some sandy shades. White and navy gives that nautical feel of the ocean.
  • Minimalist themed rooms utilize glass, chrome and black furniture which go along well with clear, bright colors and gray.
  • Formal and classic living rooms are apparently achieved by pairing Victorian furniture with shades of faded red, dusty blue and subdued gold.
  • For that natural “earthy” look, earth tones such as terra cotta and gold blend pretty well with shades of green. Dashes of olive are also appealing to the eyes.

What Color Goes Well with your Living Room?

  • Different colors tend to exude different moods, match these moods with how you would want the room to be used.
  • Darker colors make a room smaller and give off an oppressive feeling. But would be good for viewing TV or movies as these colors help reduce glare from screens.
  • White and other light shades give the illusion of higher ceilings.

Above all, make sure that your living room will reflect your own personal tastes. A color scheme that appeals to the rest of your family can make your living room experience more relaxed, comfortable and happy.

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